ESTD. 2016

The History

Mortar & Pestle revives the old-time tradition of a neighborhood pharmacy in Seminole Heights, for those who crave a relaxed pace, personal touch, and handcrafted flavor. Inspired by America’s historic mom-and-pop drugstores, where pharmacists once filled prescriptions and mixed ice cream sodas with equal skill, Mortar & Pestle delivers attentive service for everything from soothing an ache to soothing a sweet tooth.

Born in the Heart of Tampa, FL

Custom Craft Coffee

At Mortar & Pestle, tradition lays the basis for innovation.

COLOMBIAN “LAS DAMAS FUERTES”Because we are Reliable.

Produced by an all-female coffee production association in Colombia. This bean is brought to the delicate edge of a dark roast to tame its wild citrus notes and preserve a hearty cocoa body with floral notes and dried fruit.

ETHIOPIAN “UNCONQUERED”To Redefine your Brand.

In the spirit of Ethiopian independence, this hearty medium roast shines as Mortar & Pestle’s single origin espresso. It also serves just as well in drip or pour over, with chocolate, toffee, floral nectar, and just enough fruity tartness.

ETHIOPIAN “ORIGIN STORY”Make our Customers Happy.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and this washed Yirgacheffe reminisces over its sweet history. Jasmine, lavender, and lemon-lime swirl in sugarcane sweetness.

Happy Customers


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